How Many Dental Implants for All on 4 Dentures

All on 4 denturesThere are two major factors that will affect the number of dental implants one will need for denture. First, the density and the condition of the jawbone will have an effect on the quantity of implants that our dental surgeons will place in the jaw.

The second factor that will influence the quantity of dental implants is whether one wishes to have a conventional acrylic denture or use an all porcelain denture instead. The porcelain fixed bridge is an alternative to the acrylic denture. It is more expensive because of larger number of implants required, as well as the material used in and higher number of hours required for fabrication of this type of denture.

Esthetically, however, the porcelain bridge looks more natural. Moreover, this type of dentures is also more comfortable than the acrylic one. While our Acrylic Denture Packages with our dentists in Costa Rica start at $11,999, MedVacation’s all inclusive denture package for porcelain bridge is priced at around $16,000. A comparable porcelain denture in the United States will cost over $30,000.

The cost of All on 4 upper or bottom denture package is $11,999. The patient may need only two or three dental implants for denture, if the jawbone is in a good condition.

Advantages of Porcelain Teeth Dental Implants Dentures


Dental Implants Dentures with Porcelain Teeth

If you are considering dental implants dentures, you should be aware of several types of materials available to you for your denture teeth. The traditional dentures have been made out of acrylic. The porcelain fixed bridge is an alternative to the acrylic denture. Porcelain teeth dentures are more expensive than dentures made entirely out of acrylic. However, esthetically, the porcelain teeth denture looks more natural. More importantly, it is also more comfortable than the acrylic option.

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Ask Our Dental Surgeons

Dental-ImplantOur dental surgeons and dentists agreed to answer our clients’ questions pertaining to dental implants process, crowns, and dentures. Our hope is that this blog will serve as a professional, discrete environment where one can ask questions and hopefully find answers pertaining to dental treatments.

The quality and craftsmanship of our dental surgeons are unrivaled even by U.S. standards. Many dentists in our partner clinics were educated and trained in the leading dental and medical schools in this country. Consequently, our surgeons follow the same standards, apply the same techniques and use the same materials that their U.S. colleagues do. Furthermore, MedVacation’s advisory team went an extra mile to identify and select dental clinics whose personnel not only have outstanding educational background but also perform their surgeries in the state-of-the-art operating suites.

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I was told that I will need bone graft. Can you tell me whether I will need to have bone graft before or after your dental surgeon puts in an implant?

If you have enough bone to hold your implants in place, but not enough for us to be confident the implants will stay in place for years, we will add the bone graft, while we are putting your implants in. We will put an implant in and also do bone grafting at the same time. The other situation is when you don’t have enough bone to even hold your implants in place. In that case, we will do bone grafting first and a few months later put implants in. Your X-rays will tell us whether you have enough bone to hold your implants.

I heard about Zirconia and E.Max porcelain crowns. Can you tell me the difference between those two?

In earlier days, all crowns were made out of metal structures and ceramic material on top of these metal structures. All of us met people with poorly made crowns that showed metal or darker areas at the base of the crown. In order to overcome this problem, later dentists began to use zirconia-based restorations. Strong, white zirconia enables us to create crowns and bridges which are whiter and brighter, as well as possess more translucent natural quality.

One of the problems with zirconia porcelain crowns is that the white structure can show through the porcelain. Essentially, just like metal can show through porcelain, so can zirconia. The challenge is to keep the white from showing through the ceramic. E.Max crowns or bridges are made out of solid, homogeneous piece of porcelain block. Therefore, the shade you see on the outside of the crown or bridge is the same shade that you see on the inside of the restoration. There is neither a dark metal substructure to block out nor white zirconia structure to mask. E.Max crowns and bridges possess optical properties that are quite advantageous and extremely esthetic.

How Long Will Dental Implant Dentures Last?

With proper maintenance, dental implant dentures may last you for a lifetime. Studies show that implant supported dentures can last over 20 years. Nevertheless, many factors, including oral hygiene, general health, habits such as smoking, grinding will affected the life expectancy of dental implants. Finally, the connecting structures and locking mechanisms of your dentures should be inspected by your local dentist at the time of your annual checkup and may need to be replaced after five years.

I was recommended by several individuals not to have a dental bridge for my missing tooth. What are the benefits of having a dental implant?

Dental implants do not rely on neighboring teeth for support. That is, they do not require reducing other teeth, as a tooth-supported bridge does. Because nearby teeth are not altered to support the implant, more of your own teeth are left intact, improving your long-term oral health. Furthermore, individual implants allow easier access between teeth, thus improving oral hygiene.

Moreover, implant material is made from different types of metallic and bone-like ceramic materials that are compatible with body tissue. They also prevent future bone loss in place of missing teeth.

Finally, dental implants significantly improve the appearance of your teeth and give you back your smile. Because the implant is secured within the jawbone, the replacement teeth look, feel, and function just like your own natural teeth.

What is the success rate of dental implants?

The overall success rate for dental implants is 96%. The highest rate of success is for implants which are placed in the front portion of the lower jaw. Here success rate can be as high as 98-100%. Success rates for the front part of the upper jaw range between 90% and 95%. The lowest success rates occur in placement of implants in the back part of the upper and lower jaw. Here the success rates can be in the 85-95% range. It is also worthwhile to note that success rate for individuals who do not smoke is higher than that for people who smoke.

I am missing four molars and considering dental implants. I heard about immediate load implants. Am I a good candidate for those?

Our dental surgeons will let our clients know whether she or he is a good candidate for immediate load implants. Since you need implants for molars in the upper jaw (see our answer in regards to success rates above), we will not be able to do immediate load implants. Therefore, your procedures would require two trips to Costa Rica………….. unless you can send us dental moulds three months after implants are placed (you can discuss this option with MedVacation). Even if you have to make two trips to our beautiful country, you will still be able to save money.

How much does it cost to have magnetic denture implants?

To your questions in regards to magnetic attachments, magnets are not typically used for implant retained dentures. There are other types of attachments that are more commonly placed. Our dental surgeons typically use O-Ring, Bars or LOCATORS attachments.

Can you tell me how many implants I will need for my dental implants dentures?

If you have X-rays that you can share with us, we can determine how many implants you will need. Dental Implant DenturesAs a rule, patients will need at least 3 implants for the upper jaw, and at least 2 implants for the lower jaw. To support upper jaw dentures, we typically put 3-4 implants. The lower jaw requires 2-3 implants to support dentures. Our dental surgeons will make their decision based on your bone condition.

I need three implants and three crowns. How many days do I need to take off work for that?

If we determine that you are not a good candidate for immediate load implants, you will have to visit our office twice. The first trip will require a 3 day stay, while the second will require 7 day stay. We will be able to send you crowns via mail, without you going back the second time, if you provide us with moulds three months after implants are done. This way you will save some money by not going back. Airfare to Costa Rica is typically between $400 and $500 per person. MedVacation will book hotel on your behalf for as low as $75 a night.