Affordable International Surrogacy Programs

affordable-international-surrogacy-india-abroadThe cost of hiring a surrogate mother in the U.S. can vary between $80K and 120K. The direct compensation to the surrogate mother ranges between 20 and 40 thousand dollars. International surrogacy programs are much more affordable. The cost ranges between $35K and $60K, depending on the country and the IVF clinic. The substantial potential savings are the driving force behind the growth of international surrogacy industry.

Recently, there has certainly been a great deal of media attention surrounding international surrogacy in a number of countries around the world. First, it was difficult to miss the high profile surrogacy case from down under. A few weeks ago, Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban announced the birth of their second daughter. The couple’s use of a surrogate mother has sparked a fresh debate about surrogacy and its purpose. Interestingly, Kidman has a long history of fertility problems and is known to have previously undergone IVF treatment.

Next, Elton John and his partner David Furnish proclaimed the happy news of their involvement in the birth of the singer’s son Zachary. A headline of one of the articles read “Two mothers were required to produce his heir.” In case you are wondering how it is possible, we can assure you that there was nothing extraordinary. One of the mothers was the egg donor, while the other one was what’s called gestational carrier. The kid may not be an ueberchild, but may have still inherited his dad’s singing talent…. IF his father is indeed Sir Elton John. The details of the surrogacy are kept in secret.

Then there was news from India. The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has recently introduced a bill, which proposes a number of policies ranging from significant regulations on IVF clinics to restrictions on ART access. We found a great review summarizing the proposed bill and the effects it will have on the surrogate clinics if the proposed bill gets enact into law.

We wanted to share some thoughts on the proposed legislature pertaining to surrogate mothers in India. We actually think that the effect will not be all bad. We also thought, ‘why not indulge in a little bit of shameless self-promotion?’………especially since MedVacation’s international surrogacy program probably offers the best value in the fertility tourism industry.

Follow the link to read the full article.


One Fertility Patient’s IVF Experience Abroad

Tune in tomorrow, February 27th, to hear about one fertility patient’s IVF experience abroad. She is going to share her IVF testimonials on a radio show and you will have a chance to dial in to ask questions.

ivf-abroad-story-testimonialHere is a brief udpate on what has transpired this week. Two doctors did the procedure on Monday morning. Rebecca told us that both fertility specialists were very nice. They explained the whole procedure (embryo transfer), as it went along. One of them even drove them back to the hotel so they didn’t have to take a cab.

Prior to the transfer, the IVF doctors told Rebecca that they and the embryologist had discussed the quantity they would recommend to transfer and would freeze the rest (MedVacation clinic uses Vitrification process for freezing eggs and embryos).

The day of her embryo transfer, Rebecca was prescribed bed rest. Her IVF doctor told her she could go see a movie in the afternoon the following day (Tuesday). She returned home on Wednesday. IVF patients may travel by plane 36 hours after embryo transfer was performed. Air travel does not pose any danger to pregnancy as long as constant air pressure is maintained. Modern airplanes, as a rule, don’t have sudden air pressure changes.

Antabuse Implants Help Stop Drinking

MedVacation adds 5 Day Alcohol Detox and Antabuse Implants Program to its Alcoholism Treatment offering
Alcoholisim treatment clinic offering antabuse implantsAntabuse is the oldest medication approved by the FDA for the treatment of alcoholism. Unlike new medications for alcoholism that either block the effects of alcohol or block the craving to take a drink, Antabuse works by making alcoholics extremely sick, every time someone taking it takes a drink.

The drug disulfiram (Antabuse) can be taken orally. Unfortunately, the compliance is the major issue with this approach. An alternative method of medicine delivery takes the form of the subcutaneous or intramuscular implantation of sterile pellets of disulfiram. This type of alcohol treatment is commonly referred to as coding patients. The procedure was introduced over 20 years ago in the country of France and is extensively practiced in Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union countries at the present time. The implanted drug enters into blood stream, while it slowly dissolves, thus maintaining appropriate drug concentration in blood during 10-13 months. Studies show that between 93 and 95 percent patients who underwent Antabuse implant have shown good results.

MedVacation is offering a Five Day Alcohol Addiction Detox Program with Antabuse Implants starting at $3,999. This package includes:

• Five to seven days inpatient alcohol treatment program
• Alcohol detox prior to implantation of Antabuse implant
• Blood work
• All physician and hospital fees for Antabuse implant surgery
• Antabuse implant
• Counseling and routine medical support during your stay abroad
• One month supply of Tianeptine and Truxal
• Round trip airfare for the patient from the major airport closest to the patient’s place of residence
• Ground transportation in the destination country to and from the hotel and medical facility throughout the stay

Our low cost, one week long alcohol addiction treatment packages offer greater than 70% cost savings over conventional inpatient alcohol addiction 28-day programs offered in the U.S. In addition, even counting two days dedicated to traveling, our Antabuse Implant Program allows you to complete your alcohol treatments within one week.

IVF Story Shared by MedVacation Client on A Radio Show

One of our clients, who is currently undergoing IVF treatments abroad, is sharing her experiences on a radio show. If you are looking for an affordable, world class IVF clinic, we encourage you to tune in tomorrow.

During the first episode, Rebecca and Dr. Mitch spoke about why they had chosen MedVacation. Rebecca also mentioned criteria which she applied during the research stage prior to embarking on her IVF journey with our fertility clinic. Visit MedVacation’s blog to learn more and to listen to her IVF story, as it continues to unfold.

We also hope you can join us in rooting for Rebecca and her husband. It is our sincere hope that with a little help from our IVF clinic, they will soon become proud parents!

Advantages and Limitations of Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Mini dental implants have several advantages. First, mini implants can be loaded immediately. Because of that, you may only need one trip to your dentist’s office. Placing mini implants is a less traumatic procedure. Unlike regular implant that typically requires a surgery, a mini implant requires a less invasive procedure. Consequently, the implant site heals much faster. Second, mini implants are less expensive than traditional implants. The cost of mini implant is generally one third of a regular rootform implant.

Mini implants also have limitations. First, mini implants cannot be placed in the jaw where there is bone loss or not enough vertical bone. If the patient has been without teeth for a long time, there may be bone loss that will preclude our dental surgeons from using mini implants. In other words, there may not be enough bone to support your mini implants.

Second, some patients may not have enough vertical bone because of the proximity of the maxillary sinuses or the mandibular canal. The sinuses may be quite large in some people, and they may extend too far forward to allow placement of mini implants. The mandibular canal contains the nerves which supplies feeling to the lower teeth and lips. Improperly placed mini implants may cause permanent damage to the nerves.

Third, mini implants typically cannot be placed at the extraction site, if your dentist needs to extract your teeth immediately before placing your implant(s).

Finally, the force exerted by daily biting, chewing and teeth grinding may increase failure rate of mini implants and make standard dental implant a better option.

Comprehensive Chromosome Screening with Your IVF Vacation

MedVacation Begins Offering CCS

high_success_rates_IVF_clinicsLeading Medical Tourism Agency specializing in IVF treatments and surrogacy abroad began offering a cutting edge and utmost accurate method for the simultaneous analysis of all 24 types of chromosomes. Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS) is highly recommended for those of advanced maternal age (AMA), as well as patients who have had multiple failed IVF cycles or numerous miscarriages.

The recently developed Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH) method allows our geneticists to identify the most viable euploid embryos. Although CCS is still experimental and undergoing clinical trials, the few IVF clinics which are running these trials are seeing major improvements in implantation and live birth rates between 75 and 85 percent.

Visit MedVacation website to learn more about CCS and our affordable, low cost IVF services.

Ovarian Reserve & Using Your Own Eggs

If you are over 40 and considering IVF treatments, there may be a chance our reproductive endocrinologist (RE) will recommend you use an egg donor with your IVF cycle. To determine whether you need a donor egg, our RE will order a few tests, to measure your so called ovarian reserve. These tests are Antral Follicle Count (ultrasound test), Day 3 FSH test, and AMH level test. Although these tests are not perfect, they will tell a great deal whether you have eggs and shed some light on whether your eggs are in good condition and can be used with your IVF treatments.