How Many Dental Implants for All on 4 Dentures

All on 4 denturesThere are two major factors that will affect the number of dental implants one will need for denture. First, the density and the condition of the jawbone will have an effect on the quantity of implants that our dental surgeons will place in the jaw.

The second factor that will influence the quantity of dental implants is whether one wishes to have a conventional acrylic denture or use an all porcelain denture instead. The porcelain fixed bridge is an alternative to the acrylic denture. It is more expensive because of larger number of implants required, as well as the material used in and higher number of hours required for fabrication of this type of denture.

Esthetically, however, the porcelain bridge looks more natural. Moreover, this type of dentures is also more comfortable than the acrylic one. While our Acrylic Denture Packages with our dentists in Costa Rica start at $11,999, MedVacation’s all inclusive denture package for porcelain bridge is priced at around $16,000. A comparable porcelain denture in the United States will cost over $30,000.

The cost of All on 4 upper or bottom denture package is $11,999. The patient may need only two or three dental implants for denture, if the jawbone is in a good condition.

Cost of Deep Cleaning Your Teeth Abroad

Can I Do My Deep Cleaning When I Come To Costa Rica For My Dental Implants?

First, allow us to explain how the price of your deep cleaning procedure is determined. The cost of your deep cleaning procedure will depend on two factors, the depth of the pocket(s) and the extent of the area our dental hygienist will have to clean. The depth of the pocket will determine how deep we will need to go to remove the buildup or plaque. As far as the extent of the area is concerned, a human mouth is broken down into four quadrants. Dentists typically charge per quadrant of cleaning they have to do. Depending on these two factors, our dentists abroad may charge between $200 and $500 per quadrant. MedVacation guarantees 20% savings. Send us the quote from your local doctor and your deep cleaning with us will be 20% less than that.

Please also keep in mind that with more extensive deep cleaning, the dentist will most likely make the area numb so that the process is comfortable for you. The cost of local anesthetic is included in the price. In addition, our dentists may use antibiotic gels and rinse (e.g. chlorhexidine) within the periodontal pocket. This is done to clean the area and remove any unwanted bacteria. As in the case of anesthetic, the cost of these medications is included in the price. And in case you are wondering about what kind of cleaners our doctors use, they use the same ultrasonic cleaners used by your local dental office.

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Advantages of Porcelain Teeth Dental Implants Dentures


Dental Implants Dentures with Porcelain Teeth

If you are considering dental implants dentures, you should be aware of several types of materials available to you for your denture teeth. The traditional dentures have been made out of acrylic. The porcelain fixed bridge is an alternative to the acrylic denture. Porcelain teeth dentures are more expensive than dentures made entirely out of acrylic. However, esthetically, the porcelain teeth denture looks more natural. More importantly, it is also more comfortable than the acrylic option.

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