MedVacation Launches New IVF Service To Offer Overseas Delivery of Embryos to Local IVF Clinics

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MedVacation Launches New In-Vitro Fertilizaion Service
Offers Overseas Delivery of Embryos to Local IVF Clinics in the U.S.

Premier medical tourism services provider MedVacation LLC now offers service that allows its clients to use MedVacation partner clinic’s egg donors and client’s sperm to create a couple’s own embryos. The embryos are then delivered to a client’s local IVF clinic in the U.S. for embryo transfer. 

July 22, 2010 – Denver, Colorado, USA – MedVacation announced today the launch of a new In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) service that allows couples considering donor egg IVF cycles to use overseas donors while having embryo transfers performed in their local fertility clinics. 

“We are extremely excited to offer this important fertility service to our busy American clients who want to expand their families through affordable donor egg IVF cycles from our reputable clinics abroad,” announced MedVacation’s CEO Taras Kuzin. 

Unlike Europeans, Americans do not typically have 28 days of vacation per year, explained Kuzin.  Although some patients may reduce the number of days spent abroad by way of initial ovulation stimulation by a local OBGYN doctor, a typical IVF protocol would require a 17-day stay abroad.  “The length of the required stay has been one of the biggest impediments for Americans who don’t have long vacations,” added Kuzin.

MedVacation’s new service offering allows hopeful parents to use MedVacation partner clinics’ egg donors to create their own embryos. The embryos can then be delivered to the client’s own local IVF clinic in the U.S. for a subsequent embryo transfer.

The advantages of this service are numerous, according to Lisa Burg, MedVacation’s Marketing Advisor.  “An average donor egg cycle can cost $25,000 in the United States,” she explained. “MedVacation’s affordable $9,999 Local IVF Clinic Delivery package offers great savings.” 

In addition, there is no waiting for egg donors from MedVacation’s U.S.-accredited international fertility clinics.  And clients who have difficulties traveling abroad or are not able to travel at all are able to use their local IVF clinics for transfer(s) and never leave the United States.

Kuzin explained that the process is not only more affordable and convenient, but also offers the highest quality service for eager parents.  He explains: The U.S. patient selects a suitable donor from MedVacation’s list of egg donors.  The male partner makes arrangements with a local clinic to collect and process semen.  After collection, the semen sample is cryogenically frozen and sent to MedVacation’s clinic for intracytoplasmic sperm injection, or ICSI.  MedVacation’s partner clinic stimulates the egg donor, retrieves eggs, and performs insemination.  Once embryos reach optimum size and meet the embryologist’s criteria, they are delivered to the client’s local IVF clinic. “At that point the couple and their own reproductive endocrinologist from their local clinic plan a date for an embryo transfer,” said Kuzin.

To commemorate the launch of this new service, for a limited time MedVacation offers $500 discounts for the first 100 clients.

About MedVacation, LLC

MedVacation is a Denver-based premier medical tourism services provider that offers high quality procedures at a 30-50% discount to U.S. prices.  The company offers full service, door-to-door medical procedure-based trips for clients who wish to travel to Latin America to receive healthcare services of quality comparable to U.S treatments for a fraction of the.  MedVacation focuses on four segments: 1) In Vitro Fertilization treatments, 2) elective plastic surgery procedures for which medical travel represent superior value, 3) dental procedures such as titanium dental implants, crowns and denture implants, and 4) inpatient alcohol and drug addiction treatments.

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Great CNNMoney Article about Dental Toruism in Mexico

Without a doubt, high quality dental work is available outside the U.S. In fact, this is how we started our company. The only advice that we would offer to folks considering dental treatments in Mexico is make sure you travel to a safe place. We don’t have to tell anybody about safety issues related to drug wars in the bordering states in Mexico.

For cut-rate dental care, head to Mexico
By Eilene Zimmerman, contributing writer

TIJUANA ( — A good smile can be a pricey proposition in the U.S., where barely half the population has dental insurance and routine procedures can run up four-figure bills. Want a porcelain crown for a damaged tooth? That’ll cost $945, on average.

Or you can step across the U.S. border and cut your tab to $250.

That’s the going rate for a crown at DentiCenter, a small but growing chain of full-service dental centers lining the U.S. border along California, Arizona and Texas. DentiCenter’s six outposts are located in Mexico, but 97% of its patients come from the U.S.

Founded by Juan Eng, a USC-trained periodontist from the Baja peninsula who became a U.S. citizen seven years ago, DentiCenter opened its doors in 1991 and now faces record demand for its services. Its roster of patients has more than doubled since 2007. Last year, revenue topped $2 million. For 2010, Eng projects sales of around $3 million.

“The recession definitely helped, because people needed to save money, and the spread the word about us,” Eng says.

Americans are increasingly willing to head across the border in search of a deal. Paul Keckley, executive director of the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions research group, estimates that dental tourism is increasing about 20% a year — and the typical consumer is a middle-income American with insurance.

“These are not the underserved,” he says. “These are people whose out-of-pocket expenses hit their discretionary spending very, very hard. They are trying to juggle health care costs with groceries, transportation and housing.”

To attract American clients, Eng set out to make his practice mirror their experience in the U.S. His office in Tijuana, just a few hundred yards from the San Ysidro border at the edge of San Diego, is modern and immaculately clean, with nine bright, comfortable exam rooms. It looks and feels like a typical U.S. dental office — except that the staff is Mexican and bilingual.

Eng knew acceptance from American insurers would be necessary if he wanted to build a sizeable American clientele, so he became certified as an in-network provider for Delta Dental and Aetna. And to appease Americans concerned about Mexico’s reputation for crime, he locates his offices right at the U.S. border, often within sight of the crossing.

The price-drop that border crossing buys is sizeable: DentiCenter’s services cost about one-third of what they would in the U.S. A comprehensive orthodontic treatment runs around $5,600 in the U.S. At DentiCenter, the price tag tops out at $1,500. Nereda Cuevas, an orthodontia patient at the Tijuana office who stopped in to have her wires adjusted, said her braces cost $1,500; her out-of-pocket costs were $500.

How does Eng keep his prices so low? His dentists — he employs 38, several of them specialists — earn about one-third what a U.S. dentist nets, which averages $205,960, according to the American Dental Association.

Eng also cut costs by bringing in-house — at Mexican prices — many of the services other dental offices purchase from outside vendors, like manufacturing supplies and processing claims. “I spent years gradually expanding the business this way, in order to reduce costs and compete in the U.S. market,” Eng says.

His umbrella company, EEA (Eng Especialisto Associado) Dental Support Services in Chula Vista, Calif., includes DentiCenter, the service-delivery business; a DentiCenter pharmacy; Patrian, for processing insurance claims; and Promedent, a dental supply and equipment company. EEA even operates its own marketing company, and Eng is part-owner of Moreno Lab in Tijuana, which produces products like crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures.

To ensure that service and quality in his offices are consistent, Eng requires his dentists to go through a three-year residency program he developed. A Big Brother-like panel of television screens adorns the wall of his office, each showing different, live views of exam rooms in all six DentiCenter offices, so Eng can keep an eye on things from afar.

There will soon be more TV screens on that office wall. DentiCenter is preparing to open two new offices this year, one near El Paso, Texas, and the other near Nogales, Ariz. Eng’s master plan includes expanding to 14 full-service dental offices.

Deloitte’s Keckley thinks there will be plenty of business to keep them busy.

“I don’t think this is going to end with the end of the recession,” he says of the surge in dental tourism. “The cost of healthcare is becoming a major problem in every household. This is a trend, not a fad.”

Brazilian Butt Lift… What is it and how much does it cost?

What is Brazilian Butt Lift and How Much Does This Plastic Surgery Procedure Cost?

brazilian-butt-lift-costBrazilian Butt Lift is a procedure whereby the plastic surgeon removes fat from one area of patient’s body and injects that fat into the buttocks. Although liposuction per se can take anywhere between a half an hour and five hours, the Brazilian Butt Lift shouldn’t take more than an hour. The end result of the procedure is a rounder and more prominent butt.

The cost of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is $1,500. In addition to this procedure the patient must also have some liposuction performed in order to suction some fat from other parts of patient’s body. Here is an example of how much a two areas liposuction package combine with the Brazilian Butt Lift may cost. Our all inclusive 2 Areas Liposuction Package is $3,999. Therefore, the combined package will cost $5,499. Keep in mind that this price includes airfare and hotel stay. Moreover, the package includes postoperative pain medication, postoperative garments, antibiotics and steroids for swelling. A comparable package in the U.S. is around $16,000.

MedVacation’s advisory team went an extra mile to identify and select plastic surgeons who have outstanding educational background. Our medical advisors took time to travel to each partner clinic to evaluate the cosmetic surgeons and the medical facilities in which they operate. Our plastic surgeons in Mexico have nearly 20 years of experience in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. They either run their own private practices or are heads of plastic surgery departments at major private hospitals. They perform their surgeries in state-of-the-art operating suites. We chose plastic surgeons who use only anesthesiologists rather than nurses anesthetists.

Follow this link to cosmetic surgery testimonial to read what our cosmetic surgery clients have to say about working with MedVacation and our plastic surgeons.