Can Plastic Surgery Cure Migraines?

Interesting article about possible migraine cure from Surgery. According to some estimates, there are 32 million Americans who are suffering from migraines.

Can Plastic Surgery Cure Migraines?

Monday August 3, 2009

It has been documented in a handful of studies (and many more anecdotes) that, in some patients, Botox injections can decrease the frequency and severity of migraine headaches. Note: This is considered an “off-label” use for Botox cosmetic. However, for those who have used Botox as a treatment for migraines, there may be some frustration related to the temporary nature of their results. Enter the brow lift that doubles as migraine surgery.

Though not all migraines are alike, some doctors believe that many are caused by compression of the nerves of the forehead. This compression can be aggravated by certain muscle movements, so it makes sense that the removal or weakening of the muscles and/or nerves responsible could be helpful in reducing migraines.

With so many Botox users reporting the happy side-effect of fewer headaches, it’s no surprise that doctors are starting to think toward more long-term solutions. The most common surgery used for this type of purpose is a corrugator myectomy/myotomy, which may be performed with or without a coronal or endoscopic brow lift. This procedure removes all or part of the muscles responsible for drawing the eyebrows down and together, as in frowning.

I can’t help but wonder also if the radio frequency-based treatment known as “REX” (an up-and-coming Botox alternative) could accomplish the same thing for those who want something longer-lasting than Botox, but still less invasive than surgery? Either way, it’s got me thinking it might be a great thing for people like myself who have developed a resistance to Botox. Fewer wrinkles and fewer headaches? Sign me up.